Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered some of the most common questions about coach registration and course bookings below. If you need further assistance please contact us using the details below.

Who do I speak to about coach registration?

Following a thorough review period, BaseballSoftballUK has taken the decision to bring the delivery of our Coach Education programme back in house. This follows a four-year partnership with Sport Structures, who provided administrative and development support to our Coach Education programme. By regaining total responsibility for our Coach Education programme, we want to achieve several things:

  • Make the process of enrolling as easy as possible for you
  • Ensure that courses are staged in the most appropriate venues for you
  • Ensure that courses are as cost-effective as possible for you and your coaches

From September 2018, the organisation and delivery of our Coach Education courses will return to BaseballSoftballUK. If you would like to discuss holding courses in your area, please contact the BaseballSoftballUK relationship manager for your region.

If you have an enquiry about the Coach Portal or baseball and softball courses please contact the BSUK coaching team:

Email address

Why should I register as a coach on this website?

By creating an account on the site, baseball and softball coaches will register with BaseballSoftballUK, the national development agency for the sports. This will become the main database of qualified coaches that BSUK can engage with to help us develop baseball and softball.

Through the site:

  • Coaches can create a profile based on their coaching history and training, qualifications, skills and interest within the sports
  • Coaches can apply and pay for BSUK coach education courses
  • We can can manage delegates' attendance on courses and record achievement of qualifications
  • BSUK can verify that individuals are suitably qualified for different types of activity, including having DBS checks
  • BSUK can build a pool of coaching resource and offer opportunities to qualified baseball and softball coaches

Where can I find out more information about BaseballSoftballUK's coaching programme?

Please visit the main coaching section of the BSUK website.

Who can see my coaching profile on this site?

Your profile is viewable by those BaseballSoftballUK staff who have administrator access in order to manage attendance on courses, record coaches' achievement of qualifications, update and verify DBS checks and maintain the website.

Information regarding course attendance, qualifications and DBS checks will be used by BSUK coaching staff to ensure that individuals are suitably qualified before deploying in certain types of coaching activity.

Your profile is not viewable by other users or the general public. You must be logged in to see and edit your own profile.

Your use of the Coach Portal comes under the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the BaseballSoftballUK website.

How do I activate or create an account?

If you had previously registered on the old Coach Register through the BSUK website (2011-2014) then your profile and qualification history should have been imported into the new Coach Portal and you will need to activate this account. You should have received account activation instructions from BSUK, which were sent out in September 2014 to the email address that you listed on the old Coach Register.

You will need to use that email address to do the initial activation because it is the one linked to your imported profile and is where your new password will be sent. Once you have followed the process and logged in you will be able to update the email address and change the password to something more memorable.

If you believe you were registered on the old Coach Register but haven't received an activation email or no longer have access to the email address you listed, please contact us and we will check to see if your profile exists on the new Portal.

If you were not registered on the old Coach Register then you will need to create a new account by clicking on ‘New Registration’ in the menu on the right.

Once you have activated or created your account please enter or update the profile information in the various areas under ‘My Registration’.

What should I do if I've forgotten my login details?

If you can't remember your password or it is not recognised by the website, please use the 'Forgotten password' link on the right to reset it. You'll need to know the email address that you used to create your registration.

If you can't remember the email address or it is not recognised by the website, please contact BaseballSoftballUK for help.

My coaching qualification history or status doesn't look right. How do I get that updated?

If you had previously registered on the old Coach Register through the BSUK website (2011-2014) then your profile and qualification history should have been imported into the new Coach Portal. In the old Coach Register those qualifications were entered by the coaches themselves so, shortly after launching the Portal in September 2014, BSUK will go through and verify that those listed qualifications match official records, including whether someone holds a BSUK Coach Licence. Where relevant, a coach's profile will be updated based on those records, so you might see a change in the first weeks of the Portal being active.

We are moving from an old system of paper records and older versions of the Coach Register and we will do our best to ensure the new Portal has an accurate starting position. From September 2014, attendance on courses and attainment of qualifications will be handled through the Portal as they happen.

If you have any queries about your coach profile please contact BaseballSoftballUK.

How do I apply for a coach education course?

A Course List of upcoming coach education courses is available from the menu on the right. In order to apply, you will need to be logged in to your account. Click the 'Info' button next to a course to find out the details and use the 'Sign up' button to apply.

Your application will be reviewed as to whether you are suitable for the course level. You will be notified of the result by email and, if accepted, you will be asked to pay the relevant course fee.

How do I keep track of my coaching courses and what does the 'status' mean?

You can view a history of BSUK coach education courses that you've attended or applied for in 'My Courses and Qualifications'. This will show the status of each:

Applied: Your application to attend the course is being reviewed and you will be notified by email of the result.

Accepted: We have confirmed your attendance on the course. If payment is required, a 'Pay' link will display that you can use to make payment via Paypal.

Paid Up: You've been accepted onto the course and have paid the appropriate fee.

How do I pay for attending a course?

In general, payment of the delegate attendance fee is required in advance of the course. You can do this through the coach portal website using Paypal, a commonly used secure online payment method. If you don't have a Paypal account, you can also pay by debit/credit card through Paypal.

When you receive the email from BSUK confirming your acceptance onto the course, it will include a link to the payment section of the coach portal. Alternatively, when logged in to your account, find the course in 'My Courses and Qualifications' and click the 'Pay' link.

How do I cancel a course booking?

To cancel your place on an upcoming course, please let us know in advance. You can do this by finding the course listing in 'My Courses and Qualifications' and clicking the 'Cancel' link. This will send an email to us.

Once we've cancelled your booking, you'll receive a confirmation email and the course will be removed from your history in 'My Courses and Qualifications'.

Can I transfer from one course to a different one?

A transfer might be possible, depending on the impact it will have on attendance levels at the original course and what other courses are available.

It is not possible to directly transfer between courses through the website; you will probably need to be cancelled off the original and accepted onto the alternate course. However, please contact BaseballSoftballUK first to discuss whether a transfer is possible. We can then provide guidance on what to do with your online registration and any fee payment you might have already made.

How do I get a refund of a course fee?

If you've booked and paid for an upcoming course but now won't be able to attend, you need to contact BaseballSoftballUK in advance of the course date to cancel your booking and be considered for a refund. Alternatively, you might be able to transfer on to a different course if you wish. See above for guidance on cancelling or transferring.

Terms and conditions of course bookings:

If you cancel a course booking within 7 days of the course date or fail to attend the course without good reason (at the sole discretion of BaseballSoftballUK), the full fee will apply.

If you cancel within 14 days of the course then 50% of the course fee will be refunded to you.

In the event that BaseballSoftballUK has to cancel or postpone a course, we will contact delegates to arrange a refund or possible transfer to another course.

What is a DBS check and do I need one to coach?

The UK Government's Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) helps organisations make safer recruitment decisions and prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups, including children. BaseballSoftballUK, clubs, schools and other organisations can ask to see confirmation of a coach's DBS check before they are allowed to undertake coaching activity. BSUK advises that individuals undergo a DBS check every 12 months.

The status of your DBS check is shown in the Child Protection section of your registration menu on the right. You also have the option of making a self-declaration in this section. If your DBS check is due for an update (based on the date of your previous check), you will receive a notification on the 'My Registration' page.

For more information on DBS checks, please visit the Safeguarding section of the BSUK website.