Licenced Coaches List

The people listed below hold a valid BSUK Coach Licence. This means they have attained a BSUK coaching qualification, met the minimum standards and purchased a licence appropriate to the environment they are operating in.

Name Qualification Paid Up
Luis Arrevillagas Level 2 - Baseball NO
Colin Barrett Level 3 - Softball YES
Pauline Brown Activator NO
Richard (Rich) Brown Level 2 - Baseball NO
Jonathan Carter Level 2 - Softball NO
Matthew Crawshaw Level 2 - Baseball NO
john eaton Level 2 - Baseball NO
John Ferlazzo Level 2 - Baseball NO
Marcus Grant Coach Award (Equivalent to Level 2) NO
Jon Gulliver Level 1 - Generic NO
Leah Holmes Level 2 - Softball NO
Natalie Hull (Fox) Level 2 - Softball YES
Holly Ireland Level 2 - Softball YES
Liz Knight Level 3 - Softball NO
Alan Le Marquand Level 2 - Softball NO
Hector Martinez Payan Level 2 - Softball NO
Linni Mitchell Level 2 - Softball NO
Paul Rance Level 1 - Generic NO
Jon Reynolds Level 2 - Softball NO
Robbie Robison Level 2 - Softball NO
Steve Rollins Coach Award (Equivalent to Level 2) NO
Julie Spittle Level 2 - Softball NO
Angie Thompson Level 2 - Softball NO
Jocelyn Thompson Level 2 - Softball YES
Laura Thompson Level 2 - Softball NO
JESSICA VERNON Coach Award (Equivalent to Level 2) NO

NOTE: A coach licence becomes invalid if the necessary qualifications expire and are not updated, or if the licence is not renewed by the time of its expiry date.