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About the Coach Portal

Find coaching courses This part of the BaseballSoftballUK website enables baseball and softball coaches to register with BSUK - the national development agency for the sports - and sign up for coaching courses. Through the portal, we can manage coaches' attendance on courses and record their achievement of coaching qualifications. This will become the main database of qualified coaches that BSUK can engage with to help us develop baseball and softball.

Through the site:

  • Coaches can create a profile based on their coaching history and training, qualifications, skills and interest within the sports
  • Coaches can apply and pay for BSUK coach education courses
  • We can can manage delegates' attendance on courses and record achievement of qualifications
  • We will record which coaches are part of the BSUK Coach Licence Scheme
  • BSUK can verify that individuals are suitably qualified for different types of activity, including having DBS checks
  • BSUK can build a pool of coaching resource and offer opportunities to qualified baseball and softball coaches

Your Coach Portal profile

If you are a coach or an attendee on a BSUK coaching course, you can create and manage your coaching profile by registering, or logging in to your existing registration, using the menu on the right. Your profile is only viewable by BSUK coaching staff and administrators.

PLEASE NOTE: If you had previously registered on the old Coach Register through the BSUK website (2011-2014) then your profile and qualification history should have been imported into the new Coach Portal and you will need to activate this account. You should have received account activation instructions from BSUK, which were sent out in September 2014 to the email address that you listed on the old Coach Register.

We will update your profile with a record of course attendance, assessments and qualifications.

If you have questions about using the site please visit the Support page where we've tried to answer most of these. If you have further queries about the Coach Portal or baseball and softball courses please contact BaseballSoftballUK:

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